>> 12. Winterrallye vom 25. bis 26.01.2019 in Leoben << 



11th  Winter Rally – The Next Decade

The Winterrallye goes into the next decade!
After 10 memorable years also in 2018 it will be exciting again - we will make the Winterrallye particularly attractive for older and weaker vehicles. Modern rally-sports vehicles are only permitted with separate approval from the organizer, and only if these have gained a special place in motorsport. (E.g., Subaru Impreza, Toyota Celica, WRC cars). Modern (mass) road vehicles are not allowed.
The following amendments / changes are intended to improve the rally and lead to the following years:


The previous evaluation with the factor 0,8 for vehicles up to 1300 ccm and / or up to the year 1965 is no longer necessary. All four-wheel drive vehicles are rated 2.0 - as before - and all vehicles with two-wheel drive are rated by a factor of 1.0, with vehicles with a power weight ratio above 10 kg / hp in a separate category with approx 10% lower speeds / cuts. The starting numbers are awarded according to the weight in 3 categories. Low LGW - higher cuts and low start number / higher LGW - low cuts and higher start number.
One overall rating for all vehicles

To achieve an approximate equality of vehicles with lower performance and different technical maturity, the rally will be carried out in 3 categories / groups

1 - RED - vehicles with all-wheel drive
The target times correspond to sections between 40 and 50 km / h. These cars receive low starting numbers and start in front of vehicles of the category GREEN. The penalty points are scored by a factor of 2.0.

2 - GREEN - vehicles with two-wheel drive and with an PWR under 10 Kg / PS
The target times correspond to sections between 40 and 50 km / h. These vehicles start after the category RED and before vehicles of category BLUE. The penalty points are scored by a factor of 1.0.

3 - BLUE - vehicles with two-wheel drive and with an PWR over 10 Kg / PS
The set times are approx. 10% slower and correspond to sections of 35 to 45 km / h. These vehicles will start from vehicles of category GREEN. The penalty points are scored by a factor of 1.0.
The classification into the respective category is made at the time of registration by the organizer, which can provide information on the actual weight, the data from previous participations at the WRS, the manufacturer's data and the vehicle registration.

Class rating by year.
The classifiers - also older years of age - are to be awarded special prizes in the classes:
Class 1 - until 1960
Class 2 - until 1970
Class 3 - until 1980
Class 4 - until 1990
Class 5 - from 1991 - (in separate special evaluation only for modern sports and rally vehicles)


Prices / Cups are given for:
Overall rating 1 - 10 for driver and codriver in classes 1 - 4
Ladies' rating Place 1 - 3 (the three highest placed ladies or ladiesteams / driver-co-driver)
Class rating Place 1 - 3 for driver and codriver in classes 1 - 5
Special prize "Golden crutch" - to the crew, with enough ambition and (almost) the greatest indulgence
Special prize "Team Trophy" - 1st place for the best team in the classification.


The time taken for the evaluation to date has led to inaccurate and often contradictory results in the past. This is to be improved.
From 2018 onwards, the staff will be assigned to an external institution specializing in this task with special experience in the field of classic sport. We expect this to be a prompt and better comprehensible evaluation and rapid final and accurate results for our participants.
Whether this is to be done using GPS or conventional, will be determined. In any case, we will be present at all time controls and other important locations with our employees and officials in order to maintain personal contact with our participants.
The Winterrallye will not be an impersonal ride from "UP" - GPS-monitored exit, in which the participants will drive the whole day without contact to the organizer through the area.
"We are also at minus 20 degrees for you outside" - At least mostly!

2018 - for 50 only

We will be offering you a well-balanced programme, which will again feature interesting and new sections and tests.

The Rally HQ will be open late afternoon on Thursday for participants to collect their documents. After this, many of the participants will meet for a "refuelling stop" at Max Klarmann’s popular restaurant "Arkadenhof" opposite the Hotel Kongress.

After technical scrutineering on the main square on Friday morning, the rally route will take us into the Upper-East-Styria region and – at the beginning to the frozen Zenzsee for a short ICE-RACE. After a short break in the late afternoon and the rally buffet in Leoben, the Rally continues with the "night of the long knives" on the "Styrian Turini" (a former 12 km special test of the Austrian Alpine Run in the late 60-ties), which will again feature interesting driving tests in both directions.

On Saturday morning, shortly after the restart – the route will then continue via the Upper-Murtal to the North-Carinthian mountains region, with outstanding views over the snowy alpine mountains. The finish-line in Leoben welcomes the competitors and invites them to the (open end) dinner and prizegiving ceremony will take place in the Restaurant Arkadenhof from 7 pm onwards.

The route of the Winter Classic Rally includes snowy and icy mountain, forest tracks and back roads, including several classic special driving tests which have traditionally featured in the well-known Austrian rallies such as the International Austrian Alpine Run, the 1000 Minute Rally, the Semperit Rally etc. (provided routes are passable in the winter months).

The regulations of the Winter Rally Styria are deliberately straight-forward with the focus on providing driving fun and adventure for all participants.

Two days of true, “old-fashioned” rally driving

Over more than 700 km with warm clothing, strong nerves, endurance and driving skills as top requirements.

As every year, the rally will start and finish in the Town Square in Leoben in Eastern Styria.

The entry deadline is 1 December 2017 and spaces are strictly limited to 50 cars!

And another bit of good news:  All early bookings before 1 August 2017 qualify for a 10% discount! -


The Winter Rally Styria – the original since 2008 - nothing compares to You


Porsche 356 Carrera convertible - In heavy snow

The Winter Rally Styria is a classic rally in the traditional sense, where mutual support and finishing are more important than results and rankings. Times are measured in full minutes - sometimes hours. Drivers and co-drivers take back the responsibility and team work is crucial.

85% of the route of the Winter Rally Styria is on minor roads, crossing snowy pastures and dark valleys, through dark forests and snow-capped mountain passes. A challenge for drivers and vehicles, the route covers a total altitude of about 30,000 metres and 750 km through and over the Styrian mountains.

The Winter Rally Styria deliberately foregoes the usual technical equipment; with navigators predominantly relying on maps, navigation becomes a true challenge in itself.

The Winter Rally Styria is a classic motorsport regularity rally, which takes place in extreme wintery conditions.

The Winter Rally Styria is only suitable for experienced drivers and co-drivers. It is not a conventional classic car tour or a purely sociable automotive event. But there is much to experience and discover and great friendships to forge and cement.