>> 12. Winterrallye vom 17. bis 19.01.2019 in Leoben << 




when: 17. - 19. January 2019

wo: Leoben - Hauptplatz, Steiermark where: Leoben - Hauptplatz, Styria

Scrutineering: from Thursday, 17.1.2019 - 17:00 - 19:00

Start: Friday, 18.1.2019 - 12:30

Finish: Saturday, 19.1.2019 - 18:00 clock

Participants: 50 vehicles

Years of construction from 1945 to 1990

on request: sports and rally classic cars from 1991

Organizer Hotel and Rally Office: Hotel Kongress - Leoben


2 days really "rally driving" - as in the past ! 

2 days with the cars of "then" - without heated seats, ABS and other "electronic helps"

2 days on the classic routes of the "golden rally years in the alps" - arriving is the goal !! 

2 days concentration, endurance and vehicle control!

2 days of pure driving pleasure - with winter tires, snow chains and spikes!



Porsche 356 Carrera convertible - In heavy snowfall

"We prefer swimming in gasoline more than in champaign"

The Winter Rally Styria is a classic rally in the traditional sense, where mutual support and finishing are more important than results and rankings. Times are measured in full minutes - sometimes hours. Drivers and co-drivers take back the responsibility and team work is crucial.

85% of the route of the Winter Rally Styria is on minor roads, crossing snowy pastures and dark valleys, through dark forests and snow-capped mountain passes. A challenge for drivers and vehicles, the route covers a total altitude of about 30,000 metres and 750 km through and over the Styrian mountains.

The Winter Rally Styria deliberately foregoes the usual technical equipment; with navigators predominantly relying on maps, navigation becomes a true challenge in itself.

The Winter Rally Styria is a classic motorsport regularity rally, which takes place in extreme wintery conditions.

The Winter Rally Styria is only suitable for experienced drivers and co-drivers. It is not a conventional classic car tour or a purely sociable automotive event. But there is much to experience and discover and great friendships to forge and cement.